The humanitarian sector needs an innovative organization
that is willing to do different things differently.

At Seeding Mercy, our goal is to improve lives through innovation-inspired farming and skill sets. Which means that we are designing for impact, building partnerships with organizations that know how to bring innovative solutions to life, and continuing to evolve the products, services, and experiences. Every solution starts small, and at the moment, many of ours are. But we’re eternal optimists, and we’re tracking our solutions as they continue on their steady trajectory of improved lives, stronger communities, and brighter futures.
We trained 250 in entrepreneurial skills, in the span of three years. Over 100 young entrepreneurs started and scaled FIVE successful social ventures while working in three regions across South Sudan.


"We were uncertain about where our next meal will come from if our crops fail again. Now are able to produce food without worrying for our crops being eaten by pests or lacking enough rain for our crops. Thanks Seeding Mercy"
Mary Adut
Business Owner