Globally, there is recognition that gender inequality and youth unemployment hold back social and economic progress. A central tenet of Seeding Mercy’s approach is to promote and support opportunities for women and young people with solutions tailor-made to address the socio-cultural and economic challenges that these groups face. Seeding Mercy Inc. integrates support for these groups into all our programming.

Women in developing countries earn and profit less than men from their efforts, due to multiple socio-economic gender constraints. Yet when women have equal access to income and opportunity it is shown that they are more likely to invest in their families; benefitting their communities and improving economic growth.  From the household through to the marketplace, Seeding Mercy’s Balancing Benefits product is working with both women and men to build equal income and business opportunities. 

We teach youth Entrepreneurial Leadership skills to work cooperatively within their communities as multipliers of peace.  The future of communities lies in job creation, health, and education.

The Seeding Mercy Inc. is founded on these ideals. With enormous suffering caused by poverty, our program produces a community of problem solvers. We endeavor to provide values-based entrepreneurial leadership amongst the youth with heavy focus on ethics and community engagement. These business, ethical leaders which we make go on to starting Ventures for Peace which they take to their communities. These projects are run by youths from a diverse background working together to solve a problem in a community which would otherwise would not have accepted them given the tribal animosity which existed between them. The work these youth do go to cement community relations as they create wealth in a collaborative work.