Our Approach

Three Track to Ending Endemic Hunger and Poverty

Food Security Innovation

We offer new farming techniques, pesticides and fertilizers subsidies and post harvest and marketing strategies

Entrepreneurial leadership

We build a community of thoughtful and entrepreneurial leaders among the economically battered communities all across South Sudan and beyond.

Women Micro-Lending

We provide micro loans to vulnerable people in the community particularly women and elderly to help them jump-start their income generating projects.


To become the global leader in eradicating hunger and global poverty by the root.


We empower communities to create sustainable systems designed to end hunger by providing the required resources and training needed to establish an abundant source of food, health and wealth.

Our Story

Millions of people in East Africa are experiencing chronic hunger and the threat of famine.

Millions of people in East Africa are experiencing chronic hunger and the threat of famine.

Some countries in Africa have constantly been food insecure. The continent is largely fed by over 75% rural poor, majority women, who produce food for themselves and their countries. This phenomenon is equally similar across Sub-Saharan Africa where 250 million people are under acute malnutrition, hunger and the resultant diseases. These struggling sections of the society have lived in a cycle of rural poverty for decades without means in sight to breaking this cycle of poverty. These are the neglected majority in a world of plenty.

This is where Seeding Mercy comes in. A non-profit organization aimed at solving this endemic hungry crisis starting in South Sudan, through innovative rural farming strategy, so that people who are acutely affected by this hunger crisis would once and for all find food which they themselves produce and sustain.  We are motivated by our innovation strategies to bringing this life-threatening hunger crisis rampaging South Sudan and other African Countries to a successful ending.

Millions of people in East Africa are experiencing chronic hunger and the threat of famine. Conflict, recurring severe drought, and high food prices are to blame. People are starving to death — right now.

South Sudan, Somalia, and Ethiopia could be facing famine or catastrophic levels of food insecurity in various parts of their countries over the next few months. Up to 16 million people in East Africa need help to secure their livelihoods and acquire adequate food. 9 million children are in need of nutrition assistance.

Recurring East Africa droughts make it difficult for farmers and herders to produce crops and feed livestock. While seasonal rains that exist in June and July have been plentiful in some places, excessive amounts of rain falling on drought-stricken land have resulted in flash floods, killing more than 300 people and washing away crops and shelters.

Children are worst hit, with their health and development drastically impacted. More than 15 million children in Ethiopia, Kenya, South Sudan, and Somalia are struggling to get enough to eat. Floods are increasing the risk of cholera and other waterborne diseases among people with temporary shelter and poor sanitation. Seeding Mercy Inc., a 501(c)(3) organization is stepping to help eradicate this persisting hunger during our lifetime.

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